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Incredible Corporate Team Building Presentation that Truly Inspires Audiences to Achieve More!

Dear Special Event Planner,

Congratulations, you just discovered the “secret ingredient” that makes ordinary affairs extraordinary. An amazing show that your audience will still be raving about AND benefiting from months later. It’s the ideal team building event!

Now for the first time your company or organization can benefit from a dynamic presentation that not only demonstrates some of the most amazing feats you’ll ever see, but also clearly explains how attendees can quickly & easily implement these techniques to improve their performance at work AND in their personal lives as well. Your group will simply be blown away by this presentation!

I customize the performance by working with you before the event to ensure that we focus on the most valuable objectives for your group. For example, extremely entertaining walk around performances are available for receptions, etc. Alternatively, fantastic trade show presentations significantly multiply qualified leads and leave the audience not only entertained, but with your product benefits and/or names of your sales people, actually memorized!


“Miracles of The Mind!” is a wonderful presentation, which uses mind-reading & illusion techniques to clearly demonstrate that audiences are capable of much more than they ever imagined! Along with the incredible “mentalism” effects and feats of memory, the it combines visual magic with motivational themes, audience participation, including a hypnotic “group induction”, clean comedy, a spellbinding story and often a breathtaking musical routine!


In the highly entertaining show, practical advice and techniques are shared on improving one’s memory and intuition, increasing reading speed, and how to use basic visualization and hypnosis techniques for improved performance and personal development.


Attendees will both hear AND see these amazing techniques demonstrated and actually experience some of them in the program! Everyone really appreciates this, for which you’ll get all the credit, and your company or organization, all the benefit!

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This is truly a wonderful presentation, many years in the making, specially created with just the right balance of education and entertainment depending on the desired outcomes of your corporate, public or private event. 


This thrilling program can also include a musical grand finale, including amazing special effects and optional dramatic fire magic & fire eating! The more entertaining version can thrill your audience with optional illusions such as sawing somebody “in half” with a power buzz saw, making a special guest or V.I.P. magically appear in a puff of smoke as a fantastic show intro, floating someone in the air! Even without such illusions, there is nothing more amazing to someone than having their mind read!

corporate magician & mentalist


The motivational and personal development methods described above, concerning improving one’s mind power in areas such as reading, memory, etc., are the exact same ones I used to earn an engineering degree from Villanova University. Some years later I became a licensed Professional Engineer while working full time and constantly performing earlier versions of this show!



Attendees directly benefit from my lifetime studies of personal development, the power of the mind, accelerated learning techniques, such use of imagination & visualization,  without going to all the time and expense it took me to learn these techniques. 


If someone were to demonstrate apparent rapid memorization and photo reading right in front of you, wouldn’t want your employees to benefit from this program? You can read more about these topics on my blog




Additionally, your program comes with my experience as a four-term President of Ring 317 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and a graduate of Mystery School, the World’s leading theatrical school for magicians. Your event will directly benefit from my experience performing countless shows for local and regional companies, Civic & Service Clubs such as Chambers of Commerce’s, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, etc. I got so busy with these presentations I had to leave engineering to do this full time…

corporate magician & mentalist

Top Corporations such as
Toyota, Symbol Technologies, Goldman Sach’s, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Cablevision, Bulova, Phillip Morris, Computer Associates, HBO, Dave & Busters, etc. have trusted “Magic Beyond Imagination!” to make their ordinary affairs, extraordinary!

magician & mentalist

With the incredible “Tear Up Your Check Satisfaction Guarantee” it’s easy to see why! That’s right if you dont love the show it’s FREE! 


Please ask me about acting as MC for your event or even giving keynote address in highly entertaining yet educational manner. 


This experience has proven time and time again to truly transform events with increased interest and unforgettable excitement!


The way some magicians perform them, yes. I’m well aware that there are other “Magic Shows” you could book… You really need to see the looks of joy and wonder on the faces of your audience to fully realize the positive impact this show has on Corporate & adult party audiences! Then you’ll know that it can’t even be compared to a typical “magic show”!


Your audience will remember and benefit from this show long after other details such as food, or music, are forgotten. This is also the ideal adult birthday party magic show. The show is typically an action-packed, solid hour long delight (but can be longer or shorter), and is specifically customized for your audience and objectives of your event. Book this program to thrill adults with the amazing mind reading performed with audience members, magic & illusions, music, special effects, and customized motivational messages!


 Of course, I don’t expect you to take my word that you will be truly proud to present this show…


Therefore, I have provided lots of actual reviews throughout this site, so you can see what your peers  have said about my programs, along with video samples. Plus, this program is unconditionally guaranteed as explained below, so you can’t go wrong!


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corporate magician & mentalist


I understand that your program budget is probably very tight. Comparable programs, cost at least several thousand dollars. Often with these more expensive shows, you actually get less – for instance, this show takes almost as long to set up as it does to perform, due to the elaborateness of it which results in a much more action packed show…

Your company or organization will greatly benefit from the many years it took me to research and develop this presentation. Yes, it is an investment, which will pay for itself many times over through its lasting impact on your audience!…

I enjoy doing this presentation and offer different versions to fit into most budgets! Please call me for a no-obligation, customized price quote (depending on how much customization is required, travel costs, etc) for the optimum show for your event. I know after you see my work and the enthusiastic response it generates, chances are you’ll book me for future programs and refer me elsewhere.

In Summary, This Show Will...

1. Take your audience on a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary, into a world where anything is possible!

2. Demonstrate mind power and visualization for self-improvement techniques, with routines that will truly interest, educate and amaze your audience!

3. Give your audience some practical acclerated learning, memory and reading improvement techniques, in a truly entertaining, enlightening fashion! It will also teach them a mind reading effect to impress family/friends with, for which everyone thanks you! Remember, the show can be as educational or entertaining as you desire!

4. Mesmerize your audience with one of the most amazing shows you’ll ever see!

5. Be simple for you to arrange since I provide all necessary materials and coordination!


Please pick up the phone and call me right now at (516) 672-3957 (or you can e-mail me: because many dates book far in advance. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you and I look forward to talking with you soon!

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