Bar or Bat Mitzvah Magician & Mentalist

The Amazing Secret That Makes Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Very Impressive And Unforgettably Fun, While Saving Money Too!

Dear Parent,


Planning your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an important, big job. Not only do you have to plan for obvious things like a caterer or banquet facility, but you have to worry about hosting the event so everyone is entertained, impressed and hopefully has fun.


Putting together a memorable mitzvah that runs smoothly is tough work! When realizing that this is one of the most important days in your child’s life it can be overwhelming, don’t you agree? Is it possible to entertain the kids, the adults, save money, guarantee a fun time and not be a nervous wreck the day of the event? Yes it is. Read this letter carefully to find out how…


My name is Robert McEntee, and I am a  well-known, professional magician & mentalist or mind reader, specializing in Bar & Bat Mitzvah performances so dynamic and fun, everyone talks talks about them for months after…



Most of my work comes from people who want their affair to be as impressive as the one where they found me! Kids love to experience this sort of magic & mind reading close up and personal for hours at a time. Whether I roam through the crowd, or set up in a convenient location, they’ll witness state of the art magic presentations right before their eyes.



You’ll be delighted to hear the gasps of amazement and laughter as your child’s friends are entertained with their own personal shows. Whenever your child isn’t busy, they will be the star of these shows, creating wonderful lifetime memories for the “VIP”.



I bring more material with me than I’ll need and choose the best effects for each group. This way you can relax and enjoy your guests, knowing that the kids are entertained, which eases your stress!

Bar or Bat Mitzvah Magician & mentalist

Bar or Bat Mitzvah Magician and Mentalist NY, NJ, CT

The reason the kids love this entertainment is because they’re involved with it, and the material is very age appropriate. Much of the magic happens right in their hands and involves objects I’ve borrowed from them. I also teach them one or two tricks they can do themselves, thus ensuring that they and their families will long remember the affair you hosted!


Now, you may be thinking, “Our affair will be great as it is. Why do we need to add your performance?” Well, because the mesmerizing environment I provide is what makes an ordinary affair extraordinary! And you don’t have to worry about if your affair is too big or to small…


I’ve performed hundreds of functions whether they were a luncheon at a temple or a large banquet facility affair. By strolling as I perform, I can cover large or small areas or groups. My magic performance is customized to fit your needs…

If you’re having a smaller affair and want to bring the whole affair together, you can have me perform a thoroughly enjoyable, “stand-up” Magic & Mind Reading Show, or just a thrilling magical routine performed to music complete with dazzling lights, special effects and fire eating & fire magic, which is customized for your celebration!


Your audience will smile and be amazed as they witness this extremely colorful, lively extravaganza featuring incredible magic & illusions, mind reading, tremendous comedy, storytelling, and great audience participation featuring your child as the star of the show!


You can also choose from illusions such as a spectacular production of your child at the beginning of the affair; yes, the guest of honor can have a truly unique entrance, he or she can appear in a puff of smoke to give the affair a truly magical start! Or we can float them in the air or saw them “in half” with a power buzz saw!


One must see the looks of joy & wonder on the audience’s faces to realize the impact this show has on your event!


 The secret to saving money on entertainment is that you dont need to hire separate performers for kids and adults.  I frequently perform for major corporations and private adult affairs.


These performances truly dispel the myth that “tricks are for kids”, because once your adult guests get a taste of it they’ll want to watch and participate in the amazement and soon feel like they are young too…

This interactive entertainment is one of the only things that truly offers something for all age groups, thus making the day truly unforgettable!


The other secret is that most magicians perform just card magic, and if you’re lucky, a few coin tricks. I offer a unique combination of breathtaking magic including floating objects, mind-reading or amazing mentalism, dramatic fire eating, comedy, audience participation, magical games/prizes, and optional adorable balloon sculpturing!


The magic is highly visual, meaning everyone will appreciate it even if the music is loud. Since I offer a much wider variety than the standard “magician”, you save more money by eliminating the need for additional performers! Plus there are no agency commissions!


As a four term President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians here on Long Island (Ring 317), a graduate of Mystery School (the world’s leading theatrical school for magicians), and performer at countless top corporate, public and private affairs similar to yours, I am well aware that you have many entertainment options. However none other comes with the following incredible guaranteed combination…


I literally guarantee that your child and guests will be delighted with my performance. My passion for the art of magic means that you get the best possible entertainment at the lowest price of any comparable entertainment!


Magic Beyond Imagination! has received rave reviews at nearly 100 Long Island Libraries, numerous Schools (one of the only such programs approved by BOCES), Yacht Clubs, Cultural Centers, Fire Departments, Fairs & Festivals Book Stores, Corporate Events, and constant private parties at most First Class Restaurants/Catering Halls & Temples. 


Additionally, I have headlined fundraisers and events for charities such as Developmental Disabilities Institute, Cerebral Palsy Foundation, American Cancer Society, Special Olympics, Huntington Hospital, etc.

The magic & mentalism performances generated tremendous enthusiasm for all these, and will do the same at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

How We Can Be Sure You're the Right Magician or Mentalist for our Mitzvah?

I have enclosed some sample reviews so that you can see what people just like yourself have said about my shows. Please visit my Video Samples page. Actual footage from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs is contained in a couple of the videos on that page. 


In fact, I’m so sure you will love my performance, I guarantee it! If you are not completely satisfied, you don’t pay – it’s that simple! How many other performers make such an offer? With many you’re lucky if they even have insurance for your peace of mind!


I almost forgot! If you book a full affair  I’ll throw in $50 of free magic party favors! Your young adult guests also love the free page of secrets on 6 great tricks I give each of them to take home!

See What Others Say...

Most people imagine that entertainment of this caliber, customized for them, costs thousands of dollars. The good news is, currently it does not. If you book now, you’ll get five hours of amazing walk around magic that both kids and adults will enjoy for the price of just four, every child will receive a free colorful magic flyer that teaches them 6 tricks they can do AND every child will receive a free magic trick. PLUS the guest of honor will be presented with a professional magic effect and personal instructions from me so they can perform it themself at the affair if they like!

wedding magician & mentalist

Of course your needs might be different, so please pick up the phone and call me right now for a customized price quote at 516-672-3957 (or you can  e-mail me at while you are thinking of it, because available dates and times are extremely limited. 


I look forward to the opportunity of customizing an entertainment package within your budget, which will make your affair impressive, unforgettable and really fun for all! As you can see, you really have nothing to lose by giving this a try. What I offer will make your affair the talk of the town! However, I’m fortunate enough to have my calendar fill up months in advance, therefore please  call now . Thank you and I look forward to adding the magic to your Mitzvah!

Sincerely eager to amaze & astound you,

-Robert McEntee

Call this Top Long Island, NY Magician & Mentalist to Make Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Unforgettable!