Magic Beyond Imagination! Top Corporate, Adult Party, Wedding Entertainment

Corporate magician & mentalist

Amaze, Amuse & Inspire Your Corporate or Adult & Family Party Guests with "Magic Beyond Imagination!"

corporate magician & mentalist

“MAGIC BEYOND IMAGINATION!” is truly a unique entertainment experience, which special events UNFORGETTABLE!

Based on Long Island, in Huntington, New York (but available to travel), for over 20 years, Robert McEntee has been thrilling audiences in numerous states as well as Canada. Close up to stage performances, perfectly optimized for you, will truly put some “WOW!” into your event!

“Magic Beyond Imagination!” creates a wonderful sensation at your special event with the audience/guests becoming the stars of the show! A sophisticated, interactive walk-around style performance is perfect for cocktail hours/receptions, with a customized combination of breathtaking “close-up” magic (some actually taking place in your guests’ hands!), incredible mind reading, floating & moving objects, as well as optional dramatic fire eating and/or adorable balloon-sculpturing.

This wide entertainment variety truly has something special for all, which your guests will remember long after details such as food, etc. are forgotten. Everyone thanks you for having such a wonderful and magically unique event!

How This Magician & Mentalist or Mind Reader Creates The Best Corporate & Private Event Entertainment...

You can also have this experienced entertainer perform a thoroughly enjoyable, “stand-up” or fully staged Magic & Variety Show or an astounding mentalism or mind reading show. He chooses the ideal effects from his vast repertoire for your audience and desired results. Just imagine the smiles, looks of amazement, and sounds of laughter from your audience during this extremely colorful, lively extravaganza. 



People go crazy over the incredible magic, astounding mind-reading, hilarious clean comedy, storytelling with positive & inspirational themes, plus great audience participation featuring any honored guest(s) as the stars!



The show can conclude with a mesmerizing musical routine with breathtaking magic choreographed to wonderful music. This is optimally performed with the lights dimmed, as it can include dazzling laser lights, and special effects such as fire magic & the amazing fire eating to really brighten up your affair! Also ask about fire spinning shows for outdoor events or similar effects done with hi tech lights when indoors…

Your show can be further highlighted with spectacular illusions such as making the guest of honor, CEO, or dignitary, magically appear in a puff of smoke to really get your affair off to an incredible start! Other amazing illusion options include sawing a VIP “in half” with a power buzz saw, floating someone in the air performed to thrilling music, an incredible animated talking picture! 


I Bring Experience To Your Event…

Mr. McEntee puts his engineering degree from Villanova University, and a diploma from Mystery School, the world’s leading theatrical school for magicians, to good use. He combines these two diverging skill sets into one incomparable accelerated learning presentation, “Miracles of the Mind!” This corporate seminar thoroughly entertains audiences while giving them easy, practical techniques for improved memory, reading, goal achievement & overall performance.

This performer gives constant presentations for various public and private organizations and businesses, including Yacht Clubs, Top Restaurants/Catering Halls in the NY and surrounding areas, hundreds of Public & Private Schools, Churches, Temples, almost 100 Long Island/Queens Public Libraries, Fairs & Festivals, Camps, Arts Councils, Fire Departments, and constant private parties & engagements for all audience types.

Additionally , “edutaining” presentations including keynote speaking are given to Chamber of Commerce’s, Rotory, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus  and other Civic/Service Clubs.




This performer’s work was the cover story of Newsday’s Explore Long Island (Feb. ’09), has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, and has been seen on TV, including Channel 12 News & The Jerry & Louise Show. He is a four-term President of The International Brotherhood Of Magicians (Ring 317), and has trained with some of the top performers in the field. He has all the necessary certifications and insurance.


corporate magician & mentalist

Top Corporations such as
Toyota, Symbol Technologies, Goldman Sach’s, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, Cablevision, Bulova, Phillip Morris, Computer Associates, HBO, Dave & Busters, etc. have trusted “Magic Beyond Imagination!” to make their events great!

Your event will also benefit from his experience headlining fund raisers and benefits for various charities & institutions such as Leukemia & Lymphoma Soc., American Cancer Soc., Cerebral Palsy, ALS Soc., Special Olympics, Veterans Organizations (VFW, VA, American Legion), Huntington Hospital, etc. The show has generated tremendous enthusiasm at all of these events and more and will do the same for you!


Please just ask for FREE REFERRALS to the best people encountered over many years in this business. If you would like give-aways, I can provide great, inexpensive magic tricks loved by all ages! In summary, you can rely on the experience of Magic Beyond Imagination! to make your affair hassle free & simply great, while not doing a lot of work yourself!…

Even when fire is not used or desired, the show is still breathtaking!

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