Students Love "Discover The Magic Of READING!" Elementary School Assembly

"How to Easily Get Elementary School Students Excited About Reading & Learning With Just One Magical Assembly Program!"

Dear School Representative,


According to the US Department of Education, children watch an average of 3 to 5 hours of television per day! This is directly related to the decline of reading skills in recent years in many school districts. As an educator, you know the importance of reading skills, and I’m sure you’re concerned!

With these statistics, by the time a child leaves high school he or she has spent even more time in front of the TV than in the classroom! A big problem with our “MTV/Internet Society” is that children don’t have the desire to sit down and read a good book. To be successful in life children must learn not only how to read, but to love to read!


Fortunately You Can Easily Help Instill A Desire And Passion For Reading Within Your Students!…


My name is Robert McEntee  and I’m a motivational speaker for children, as well as a professional magician. You may have heard about my school programs previously, but I urge you to do your school a favor and read this letter carefully, or please give it to the person who is responsible!


Just imagine your students joyfully shouting “We love to read!” during a tremendously fun assembly program which the children remember for years to come! This BOCES accredited program is perfect for PARP Programs or book fairs, etc. The thoroughly engaging show makes your reading program unforgettable! Because it’s so fun, children REALLY “GET” the reading and positive messages!


“Discover The Magic of Reading!” is a wonderful educational show, customized for kindergarten through elementary school classes. It combines visual demonstrations of captivating magic & illusions, audience participation, comedy, storytelling and music, with memorable messages which teach students the value of reading and learning skills, and the importance of using one’s imagination!



Perhaps most important, students learn from the program that reading is a far greater imagination stimulator than TV! The program includes exciting presentations of specific examples of various types of books (fairy tales, instructional books, etc), whereby students learn the differences between them, and the benefits of reading and learning from each. Your school will truly appreciate this program!!!

Additionally, students benefit from other related positive themes in the program such as sharing, safety, self esteem, anti-bullying or acceptance of others, and belief in oneself. It is important that you make time for this!!! (You may also be interested in my School Character Education Show )


Students are thrilled by this very lively, colorful, yet educational, extravaganza, especially with the current tremendous popularity of magic. It can include a very magical, musical grand finale with mesmerizing special effects. 


Optional larger illusions can include making a teacher or the Principal magically appearing to introduce the show! We can also saw him/her “in half” as a reading incentive or reward! Or why not float a student in the air or thrill them with an incredible, animated talking picture!


You will be amazed how this approximate 45 to 60 minute program dramatically boosts your students’ enthusiasm for learning in the classroom. Yes, the program is lots of fun, which is why it is so effective, but it is also a real educational experience! One that will have a lasting impact on all who attend. If it’s impossible to have the program during school hours, may I suggest the following…


For your convenience, I also offer a fantastic family program which is ideal for increasing budget vote enthusiasm, family nights, etc. This show also works incredibly well as a FUNdraiser through a no risk 50-50% ticket sale split. Here is information on this guaranteed, easy School fund-raising family show  

I customize each show action-packed show for your audience or special themes. Book these programs to thrill the children (and their families) with the magic and the positive themes emphasized!


Let me tell you how my background can work for you. I graduated from Villanova University, as well as Mystery School, the world’s top Magicians Theatrical School. This show comes with over 20 years of professional magic & motivational program experience. Your program will also benefit from my work as a four term President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians here on Long Island (Ring 317), and an active member in other top performers’ organizations.


The fulfillment I get from motivating and educating children through magical “edutainment” means that schools get the best program at the lowest price of any comparable show!


This program has received rave reviews from numerous school districts, probably one in or near yours. I would be happy to give you as many references as you like. Countless audiences have also been thrilled by these performances at approximately 100 Long Island and Queens Libraries, book stores, day-cares, fairs, camps, cultural centers, and leading restaurants/catering halls, etc. Now you can put my experience to work for your school!



Charities and institutions such as Developmental Disabilities Institute, L. I. Youth Guidance, Special Olympics, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Cerebral Palsy, etc., have used my show with great success to headline their fund-raisers and benefits. The show generated tremendous enthusiasm and results for the sponsors at all of these events and will do the same at your school!



If you haven’t seen or heard about a show that perhaps I did at another school in your district, I don’t expect you to take my word that you will be truly proud to present this show. Therefore, below please find several reviews, so you can see what other schools have said about this show. Plus, I offer an unconditional guarantee as explained below, so you can’t lose!



I understand that your school’s budget is probably very tight, and typically assembly programs are very expensive. Good programs are often close to $1000, and truthfully that’s what this is worth, with all the work involved, and what your students gain from it. However, I’m not going to charge that…


Because I believe this program is so beneficial to your students, I don’t want any schools to miss out simply due to a lack of funds. Therefore, I offer different versions of the show to fit into your budget. Bigger shows for example include one or more of the spectacular illusions described above. 


An additional discount is offered for multiple programs as well! Plus this program is eligible for NY BOCES and other funding, making the final cost to the school negligible! Smaller shows, classroom programs or instructional workshops, are priced even lower…


Therefore please call me for a customized price quote ideal for your school. It will be reasonable because I know after you see my work and the enthusiastic response it generates, you’ll want me back again and again. If the reduced fee is still a problem, you could simply ask each student to bring in a $1. I know this can be a hassle, but I’ll make it easy for you. I’ll provide you with a camera ready instructional flyer for you to copy and give to each child to bring home. After the program, simply write me a check, and the PTA keeps any left over money!



Your school may not need to collect funds, but this is an example of an easy, alternative funding method so that your school does not have to miss this wonderful program. In fact, you may even make a bit of money for your treasury in the process!



Also ask about reduced costs for Virtual and Pre-Recorded Versions of My Reading & Character Education Shows!



Please pick up the phone and call me right now at 516-672-3957 (or you can also e-mail me at while you are thinking of it, because available dates and times are extremely limited.  I would be happy answer any questions or tell you about magic workshops or programs for various grade levels! Thank you and I look forward to talking with you soon!


Inspiring Students to READ,

– Robert McEntee

P.S. As an added benefit, after the program I’ll distribute colorful flyers for each student to read and learn several magic tricks that they can do at home. This is another excellent learning experience teaching hand/eye coordination, that students really enjoy!


P.P.S. Remember, available dates are limited; Please call 516-672-3957 or E-mail me at avoid disappointment. Your school will be glad you do!

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