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"Wonder Guaranteed!"


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"WOW! An Educational, Fun Elementary
School Assembly Program, that Encourages
Reading & Teaches Geography!"

AGENT NAME: Robert McEnteeSchool Fund Raising
CODE NAME: “The Motivator”

DESCRIPTION: Robert McEntee, alias “Magic Bob” has been called the man with 1,000 faces. He has been seen performing as a magician in colorful outfits for children and families, as well as a sharply dressed corporate presenter. It’s rumored that this year he’s presenting “Top Secret: A Reading & Geography Adventure!” which takes audiences around the world - an adventure so exciting, students don’t even realize the learning! A security camera recently captured the adjacent surveillance photo at a top-secret information repository. The repository is actually a cleverly disguised library.

KNOWN ASSOCIATES: Robert has been seen traveling with a suspicious Lop-eared rabbit, known as “Mr. B” believed to be code for bunny. Despite adorable looks, his mere presence has caused pandemonium among children, as he incites “oohs” and “ahhs”. Rabbit is reported missing, and clues found at the library aid children in finding him during “Top Secret!”

METHOD OF OPERATION: Agent Robert likes to create an environment of frivolity and laughter, then, when least expected, he slips in motivational and/or educational messages. The children rush to check out books while the adults in the audience, laughing hard from the humorous
presentation, are helpless to stop them. Entire bookshelves have been stripped clean in a day while library cards are worn paper-thin from use.

AVAILABLE DATA: “The Motivator” is believed to reside in New York, and reportedly even performs publicly hundreds of times each year with great impunity, in the northeast. Reliable intelligence sources indicate that digital messages regarding his services sent to him at robert@magicbeyondimagination.com will be received and acted upon quickly. Rumor has it that he can be reached directly via telephonic communications link by dialing 631.757.4206 or 516.672.3957.

"Wonderful, magical, great timing, smart and clever. It was so great to see an emphasis on magic, geography and reading books, in fact getting a clue – hunting for books at your library. It was big enough that all could see and showy enough to keep the children interested and enthralled. It’s a very involved show – lots of props, gadgets, facts and timing, so it's well worth the price!"

- Elizabeth Marcus, Children’s Librarian, Finkelstein Memorial Library, Spring Valley, NY

“Lively, interactive, age appropriate, “book/reading” oriented. Nicely geared towards the crowd. I liked the fact that the children were invited up on stage.” Top Secret!” was a very enjoyable show!”

- Children’s Librarian, Garden City Public Library, NY


A Reading & Geography Adventure That Takes Students Everywhere!

Pssst!... Would you like a great way to hook kids into reading, and even get them excited over a typically dull topic like geography? Could you believe we can do this while they have tremendous fun at the same time? Not just reading, but checking out & reading all kinds of books – fiction and non-fiction, from your library? If so, I’ve got a mission for you!...

I think every child dreams about the exciting life of a “secret agent.” This fact is evidenced in the popularity of books like Harriet the Spy, the Encyclopedia Brown series, the recent rediscovery by boys and girls of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries, and the inclusion of mysteries in such series as Junie B. Jones, The Baby Sitters’ Club, and the ever popular Arthur Books.

Kids LOVE solving a mystery! Combine that with the persistent popularity of the Harry Potter series which essentially are mysteries, and you have one hot topic. Additionally the underlying magic & mystery theme of the show I am about to tell you about ties in perfectly with other magical stories like Chronicles of Narnia!...

Therefore in accordance with the Public Library Summer of 2007 Reading Club theme, I introduced “Top Secret, A Reading & Geography Adventure!” which received overwhelming positive response the approximate 15 times I presented it. Audiences loved this new, fun and interactive globe trotting mystery, where I assist students in looking for clues all over the world to find a missing bunny!...


The program was developed at the beginning of 2007 at a seminar in Texas for the nation’s top School & Library Show performers, and I am the only one licensed to perform this library show and school assembly program in NY, CT and surrounding areas. It includes amazing magic, drama, costuming, storytelling, and an amazing life-like animated character routine you have to see to believe. While having tremendous fun, children learn how reading can take them ANYWHERE! Kids AND teachers (as well as parents if it's a family program) will love the show, and you’ll love the results – more students reading more books and learning to appreciate geography!

“Top Secret was excellent – fun, educational. Live animals are always a hit and they loved the talking picture. They also loved the teachers on stage! Great magic and educational as well; incorporated many areas character ed, geography, reading, listening. Wonderful – the students stayed engaged the entire time!”

- Mrs. Rohrbacker, 3rd Grade Teacher, Laurel Park Elem. School, Brentwood, NY

Public Schools throughout the tri-state area book my reading themed programs because they effectively motivate students to love reading using magic, comedy, storytelling, participation, music and FUN! Not only does this program motivate students to read more, but it helps develop an appreciation for geography, by teaching them specific terms, and showing them basic features on maps in an extremely funny manner.

In this totally unique program I dress like a secret agent, and give all children attending their “Top Secret Mission Objectives”. This is a list of the topics discussed in the show and “the Code” to find them, ie. their Dewey Decimal System Numbers!

Kids go crazy over this “Secret Objectives List.” They’ll use it on their mission to check out at least one book from each topic from the library. How many programs get kids to actively learn and use the Dewey Decimal System, like this one?

If you haven’t seen me before, please check out the extensive comments elsewhere on the site from your peers at schools & libraries who have. If I have been at your school before, this program is completely different from anything you’ve seen before. It’s like a play with a clever running theme that completely captivates the children’s attention from start to finish. Act NOW so your school won’t miss out!

Elementary Geography Assembly NY

Elementary Geography Assembly NY

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“Thank you again for a wonderful show. We have just ended our most successful PARP program yet. Thank you for helping give us a great kick-off.”

- Mary Cascone, Great Neck Road School PTA, Copaigue, NY

Because I want schools to gain as much as possible from my shows, I typically arrive an hour early to set up all the special props and effects which mesmerize the students to the point that the educational lessons are automatically absorbed. Therefore when I include larger illusions there is typically an extra charge of $50- each for added setup and takedown.

However for a limited time I’m including 3 spectacular illusions in this program at no additional charge! These are, the amazing vanish and appearance illusions of "Thurston” and "Kellar" the adorable bunny rabbits (Shhh, kids think it's the same rabbit!), and an incredible animated, talking picture that has to be seen to be believed!

So this program should be offered at $600. However, as an added incentive, for a limited time, you can bring “Top Secret, A Reading & Geography Adventure!” to your school for $75 off, or just $525! (On Long Island, travel fees may not apply if you book multiple programs in other areas.) If you wish to include other big illusions, such as floating a student in the air or sawing a teacher or even the principal “in half”, the maximum fee is then $625, although the program is terrific without these added features too.

Your complete satisfaction as always is GUARANTEED and I even offer a multiple program discount. It would be a complete mystery if you don’t call me right NOW before your date is taken! So please pick up the phone and call me at 631-757-4206 or 516-672-3957 (or you can also contact me via e-mail by clicking the link below). Thanks, I look forward to talking with you soon!

 Yours for improved education,

Robert “Magic Bob” McEntee



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"Your performance was Wonderful. The Talking Picture, the Wands and the Bunny were great! Your show was suitable for all ages."

- Liz Spoto, Island Trees Public Library, NY

“Monday’s magic show was outstanding! The children in the audience were astounded and amazed by your wizardry, and so was I! Your illusionist grand finale was great, as was your marvelous stunt of floating a child in the air, another first for the library. We will definitely be having you back to the library for a repeat performance. Thank you again for making exciting, quality children’s programming possible for the young people in our community.”

- Mary Feldhaus, Eastchester Public Library, NY

"Top Secret, A Reading & Geography Adventure!" was very good, kids had a great time and loved the rabbit! Very entertaining the way it is and the kids loved it! Thanks!"

- Children's Librarian, Hampton Bays Public Library

School Reading & Geography Assembly NY, NJ, CT
School Reading & Geography Assembly NY, NJ, CT


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