Wedding Magician & Mentalist Entertainer!

Wedding magician & mentalist

The Amazing Secret That Makes Weddings Very Impressive, Unforgettably Fun & Stress Free!

Dear Bride or Groom To Be,


Congratulations, you’re getting married! This is a real cause for celebration, however planning this truly special day, as you know, is a big, often highly stressful job. Not only do you have to plan for obvious things like a caterer or banquet facility and all the details, but you also have to worry about hosting the event so all your guests are entertained, impressed and hopefully have fun…


Putting together a memorable wedding that runs smoothly is tough work! When realizing that this is one of the most important days in your lives it can be overwhelming, don’t you agree? Is it possible to entertain all your guests, save money, guarantee everyone a fun time and not be a nervous wreck the day of the event? Yes it is. Read this information carefully to find out how!…

wedding magician & mentalist


– 72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment. 



-78% of brides say they would have made entertainment their highest priority.



-81% of guests say the thing they remember the most about a reception is the entertainment.



-65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding said, if they had to do it over again, they would choose a DJ.



Allow me to ensure that you don’t say these things after your affair! My name is Robert McEntee, and I am a Long Island, New York (NY) based (but do travel to other areas) magician and mind reader, specializing in making Wedding Receptions so dynamic and fun that people talk about them for months to come.


The way some magicians perform them, yes. I’m well aware that there are other “Entertainers” you could book…You really need to see the looks of joy and wonder on the faces of your guests to fully realize the positive impact this performance has on your celebration! Most of my work comes from people who want their affairs to be as impressive as the one where they saw me perform…

Wedding magician & mentalist

This entertainment can’t even be compared to a magic show! Your audience will remember their amazement long after other details of the affair, such as the food or music, etc., are forgotten. People go crazy over this intimate magic & mind reading, and many enjoy watching it for a long time!


I bring more material with me than I’ll even need and choose the best effects for each group. So you can relax and enjoy your guests, knowing that they are all entertained, thus easing your stress…


Now, you may be thinking, “Our affair will be great as it is. Why should we add your performance?” Well, because the mesmerizing environment I provide is what makes an ordinary affair extraordinary!

If you’re having a smaller affair and want to really bring everything together, you can also have me perform a brief, thoroughly enjoyable, “stand-up” Magic & Mind Reading Show, customized for your celebration, or just a thrilling magical routine performed to music complete with dazzling lights, special effects and fire magic & fire eating! Your audience will smile and be amazed as they witness this extremely colorful, lively extravaganza featuring incredible magic, illusions & special effects, mind reading, tremendous comedy, and great audience participation.

corporate magician & mentalistwedding magician & mentalist

We can also get the affair off to a spectacular start with a unique production or appearance illusion of your spouse-to-be, for example. That’s right, he or she can literally appear in a puff of smoke, after perhaps pretending that we can’t find them! You may also wish to choose from other illusions, such as sawing somebody in half with a power buzz saw (perhaps you’d like to have two of your new father-in-law around?!) or floating a child in the air!

As a four term President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians here on Long Island (Ring 317), a graduate of Mystery School (the world’s leading theatrical school for magicians), and performer at countless top corporate, public and private affairs similar to yours, I am well aware that you have many entertainment options…



However none other comes with the following incredible guaranteed combination… I literally guarantee that you & your guests will be delighted with my performance, if not you don’t pay! How many other performers make such an offer? With many you’re lucky if they even have insurance for your peace of mind!



My passion for the art of magic means that you get the best possible entertainment at the lowest price of anything comparable!

wedding magician & mentalist

O.K. Everything Sounds Great, What Do We Do Now?

Most people imagine that entertainment of this caliber, customized for them, costs as much as a live band, as it is actually much more memorable. The good news is, currently it costs much less than any good band, however Im fortunate to have my schedule fill up far in advance. Please call me for a customized price quote at  516-672-3957 (or e-mail me at


I look forward to customizing an entertainment package within your budget whether it’s the cocktail hour or full affair. which will make your affair impressive, unforgettably unique, and really fun for all!

P.S. On this website you’ll find actual comments about how my magic makes affairs unforgettable and I’ll get the same results for you, too!

A few months after the affair, your guests won’t remember what they had to eat, etc., but they WILL remember the amazing magic they were a part of. However, you need to call TODAY before your date is booked!

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